There are all sorts of things that you can choose from to finish your kitchen perfectly.

Dress up your kitchen in style, with our new stock of gorgeous SMEG small appliances. Realised in collaboration with Italian architects, the new collection consists of two sizes of toaster, kettles, stand mixers and blenders. Designed to optimise the cooking environment and add an extra level to both the aesthetic and performance of your kitchen!

If you’re a gadget lover, then we’ve got plenty of great things for you. An integrated skirting board vacuum lets you sweep everything into one place, then watch it disappear at the flick of a switch.

Do away with the kettle and install a tap that delivers water hot enough to make a cup of tea or coffee instantly.

If you’re a serious cook, try an AEG Combi-Steam oven. It adds moisture and humidity to your cooking for perfect baking and roasting. Slide and hide oven doors give you more kitchen space and make it easy to get into your oven.

If you just like things to be tidy and organised, then consider pop up sockets, sliding doors, lights that come on when you open drawers, integral bins in cupboards and pull out larders.

You can even include plinth heating, so you don’t need to waste space on radiators, but can still have a nice, warm kitchen.

The list of finishing touches really does go on and on. Pop in and see our display kitchens for yourself, and see how perfect your kitchen could be.