Lighting & Accessories

More Than Just a Finishing Touch

At Alex Lee, we have lots of extras that will finish your kitchen with pizazz!

From clever gadgets to trendy pendant lights. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Integrated Lighting

There are lots of lighting options for your new kitchen. In-cabinet, under cabinet, LED strip and plinth lights can create an inviting atmosphere, while they also add functionality.

Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights are all the rage. They can add real wow-factor to your breakfast bar, center island or dining area. We have the highest quality lights in a variety of finishes.

CK Lighting is an online lighting boutique. The shop features a selection of the best new pendant lights on the market.

The select ranges are curated especially for contemporary kitchens and come highly recommended.

Use the code: ALEXLEE for 5% off your order total!

3 in 1 Taps

Lose the kettle and install a tap that delivers water hot enough to make a cup of tea or coffee instantly. Now available with child safety swab.


Keep things organised with clever storage solutions. Top choices include under-sink draws, pull out larders, integrated waste bins, and the 3D Legrabox by Blum.

Soft Close & Motor Hinges

Make life easier with door and drawer opening systems. Motorised cabinet doors, push to open, or simple soft close hinges make for a smoother user experience.

Pop up Sockets

Save space and get wires out of the way. Keep the power at your fingertips with pull up power supplies. Now available with additional USB sockets.

Plinth Vacuum

An integrated skirting board vacuum lets you sweep everything into one place, then watch it disappear at the flick of a switch.

Plinth Heating

You can even include plinth heating, so you don’t need to waste space on radiators but can still have a nice, warm kitchen.

The list of finishing touches goes on and on.

Pop in to view our working displays and see how perfect your kitchen could be!