Pronorm German Kitchens

Create Your World

Pronorm provides our German Kitchens. Their distinctive, sharp, ultra-modern aesthetic is shaping current trends in function and design.

Bold, contrasting colours, use of texture, and chunky panels allow for featureful, dynamic designs that draw the eye and create a sense of flow. With hundreds of choices and limitless combinations, you truly can 'create your world' with a Pronorm Kitchen by Alex Lee.

Everything comes rigid and ready built from the factory in Germany, so have a six week lead time and are finished to a very high standard. The German engineering and particulars of Pronorm products require expertise and knowledge to design and fit correctly, we have provided and installed many kitchens using Pronorm so we know how to get it just right for you.

How much does it cost?

Pronorm Y Line

True Handleless Kitchens

Y Line is Pornorms' premium offering for true handleless kitchens.

It's their top range, boasting unique features including aluminum detailing on the door and drawer front horizontals.

Complete colour match is another plus - something that only Pornorm do - meaning that your chosen finish can be consistent throughout the carcases, doors, and drawers.

Pronorm X Line

True Handleless Kitchens

X Line is also a handleless system, with more door options and a lower price point than Y Line.

You make a cost saving as the X Line does not include the aluminium rails or colour match that it's big brother, Y Line does but is still tastefully finished for a perfect new kitchen.

X Line is now available to us in the UK so lead times are reduced for this range.

Proline 128

Premium Handled Kitchens

Proline 128 is Pronorms' premium range of kitchens with handles, push-to-open systems, and even more door options including shakers.

The possibilities are endless as the diversity of finishes and options for J-handles, inset handles, and curved corners can be used to create powerful design statements.

Classic Line

Simply Pronorm

Classic Line is Pronorm's entry-level range, streamlined and simplified to create affordable modern kitchens with wow factor!

The furniture is handled, can include a host of great features and comes in at a very competitive price point.

Whereas the other ranges can be used with door groups 1-7, the Classic Line is available in groups 1-4. Sometimes less is more.

Beautiful Materials

Create contrast and harmony, with hundreds of beautiful finishes including matt, gloss and textured.


Pronorm kitchens utilise ingenious design ideas that maximise function and ease of use that look great too.

Sliding Doors

Worktop units with sliding doors provide optimum access, increased storage and work like a dream.

Niche Systems

German engineering at it's finest, Pronorm's unique solutions keep your kitchen organised.

Why don't you come and see for yourself in our Rugby showrooms?

We have working displays that show off the latest looks and features, which we can demonstrate and advise on.